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" TheRe's a cHiP 0Ff ,   
But nO WiRe LooSe  ! "

The RepairShop

He Also Likes To Tinker And Craft With The Found Treasures To Give Them A New Destination.
A Number Of These Freestyle Creations Are Offered In The WebShop.

In UpCyCleMans RepairShop Old Vintage Interior Items Can Be Restored .
You May Have Something Of Your Own That Could Have A New Life.
Just Let'm Know ...... ;-)

Atelier Nummer34 : Ed van Glabbeek maakt exclusieve lampen en decoratieve verlichting, decoratieve woon accessoire
handmade lampen, Industrial meets country, landelijk, vintage, rustiek, karakteristiek, exclusief, industrieel
lamps & lights ,caged lamp, bully,  wandlamp, vloerlamp, hanglamp, bureaulamp, luster, industriële lamp, licht, vloerlamp, tafellamp,
cage, bulb, factory industrial, vintage, Pendant light, retro
Materiaal : hout, metaal, porselein, bakeliet, emaille, gloeilamp, draad, koplamp, gloeilamp, fitting E27, fitting E14, kooldraad gloeilamp, strijkijzer snoer, geweven snoer
hergebruik, repurposed, herbestemming, recycled, upcycled, cradle to cradle , c2c,

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WorkShoP ImpressionS

How It'S DoNe 

Old Wo0D BloCk LaMp E40-E27

of old copper E40 fitting
and old hard wood

Tesla's Tower

The cage (gutter leaf catcher) was found on the street in the well-known tourist street of Shambles, York UK.
Ceramic part of an old-fashioned radiant heater.
Metal heat sink and old oak block .

The Cabinet

The Magically Enlarged Wardrobe

Fan ClocK

Old stable fan will indicate the time


of old roof purlin and wooden shutters

AuTumN !s CommiNg


HeaVy sHit


HeaVy sHit