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" TheRe's a cHiP 0Ff ,   
But nO WiRe LooSe  ! "

The RepairShop

He also likes to tinker and craft with the found treasures to give them a new destination.
A number of these freestyle creations are offered in the WebShop.

In UpCyCleMan's RepairShop old vintage interior items can be restored .
You may have something of your own that could have a new life.
Just let'm know ...... ;-)

Atelier Nummer34 : Ed van Glabbeek maakt exclusieve lampen en decoratieve verlichting, decoratieve woon accessoire
handmade lampen, Industrial meets country, landelijk, vintage, rustiek, karakteristiek, exclusief, industrieel
lamps & lights ,caged lamp, bully,  wandlamp, vloerlamp, hanglamp, bureaulamp, luster, industriële lamp, licht, vloerlamp, tafellamp,
cage, bulb, factory industrial, vintage, Pendant light, retro
Materiaal : hout, metaal, porselein, bakeliet, emaille, gloeilamp, draad, koplamp, gloeilamp, fitting E27, fitting E14, kooldraad gloeilamp, strijkijzer snoer, geweven snoer
hergebruik, repurposed, herbestemming, recycled, upcycled, cradle to cradle , c2c,

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WorkShop Impressions

How it's done 

Old wood block lamp E40-E27

of old copper E40 fitting
and old hard wood

Tesla's Tower

The cage (gutter leaf catcher) was found on the street in the well-known tourist street of Shambles, York UK.
Ceramic part of an old-fashioned radiant heater.
Metal heat sink and old oak block .

The cabinet

The magically enlarged wardrobe

Fan clock

Old stable fan will indicate the time


of old roof purlin and wooden shutters

Autumn is comming

Scrappy LoGo

Antique metal bed .....

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Heavy shit