"a LitTle Odd WiTh a cHiP ofF ,
But VeRy PecuLiar, .... RigHt ? "

Atelier Nummer34 : Ed van Glabbeek maakt exclusieve lampen en decoratieve verlichting, decoratieve woon accessoire
handmade lampen, Industrial meets country, landelijk, vintage, rustiek, karakteristiek, exclusief, industrieel
lamps & lights ,caged lamp, bully,  wandlamp, vloerlamp, hanglamp, bureaulamp, luster, industriële lamp, licht, vloerlamp, tafellamp,
cage, bulb, factory industrial, vintage, Pendant light, retro
Materiaal : hout, metaal, porselein, bakeliet, emaille, gloeilamp, draad, koplamp, gloeilamp, fitting E27, fitting E14, kooldraad gloeilamp, strijkijzer snoer, geweven snoer
hergebruik, repurposed, herbestemming, recycled, upcycled, cradle to cradle , c2c,

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Handmade cagelamps nummer34.com

It's all handmade ! 


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Print, cut, paste and fold it , do your best and have fun ! 

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Also some small print as usual .....  

because that's how it should be ! 

Which means .... 


"One piece only":
This article is available immediately .
There is only one existing copy available .
"On request reproduction":
This article was created from parts that may still be in stock .
Probably it is not exactly the same, but similar parts .
"Inquire for stock":
This article is regularly made .
A stock may be or to be made upon request .
UpCyCleMan has no true readymade articles that are purchased at wholesale, so it may require a waiting period for delivery .


"Not Available":
It is an article which is single and is already sold.
This article can not be reproduced because it is made of parts that happen to have formed this unique article.
"Handmade" :
Each article has its own character .
That is to say that they may have slight differences from each other .

Copyright : 

All images on this website are not allowed for reuse  without explicit permission of the author . 

Usually no problem though . 

Right of withdrawal : 

You have the right to cancel your order until 14 days after receipt of your order without giving a reason. You will then be credited the full amount . 

The return costs of you are home to the shop for their own account . 

If you use your right of withdrawal, will the product with all accessories and if reasonably possible to its original condition and packaging are returned . 

To make use of this right will be asked to send a message to atelier@nummer34.com. The request is to do so before the product is sent back . 

You are in no way obliged to give a reason for the return. Yet another reason is very appreciated in order to improve the service . 

Unfortunately, special request and customized products can not be returned . 

General information : 

- The Carbon filament light bulbs are very sensitive, go here carefully . 

- The Life of the carbon filament light bulb (not dimmed), about 800 to 1000 hours . 

- The Bulbs are not for residential use, they are intended primarily decorative . 

- There Can be no assurance on the included bulbs . 



Ond.nr : BE0743824407  

IBAN :   BE02734048241240  




KvK-nr : 56990162  

BTW :    NL001687254B40  

IBAN :   NL66RABO0115745378  




UpCyCleMans workshop ( formaly known as Nummer34 ) is born from the love for old materials and the passion of making with a creative mind : " Crealization "

UpCyCleMan guarantees qualitative, functional and unique handmade home accessories such as lights and clocks or the two combined.
Preferably old materials and peculiar components are used , called upcycling.

In this way , a large part of the collection exist of items, which exist of one single copy , and  is unable to be copied .
There are also reproducible copies. The availability must be checked .

Be amazed by the creations and for any questions or comments please contact with atelier@nummer34.com .
Also for customized works,  Nummer34 is the right place .

Also take a visit at The RePairShop

Who is UpCyCleMan ?

Ed van Glabbeek has been the designer since the foundation of the former "Nummer34" in 2012.
and maker of all articles and takes care of the contact.

And how does it work ?

The workshop makes items witch are offered on the website.
An order is not carried out as a web-shop with a shopping cart.
The order will be made by sending an email.
This will be further dealt with a personal reply.
Unfortunately, UpCyCleMan has no real store to enter, only the website .